The Engagement Summary is dashboard view into how your organization is engaging. The dashboard is sectioned into:

  1. Members 
  2. Groups
  3. Announcements 
  4. Events

Member engagement is calculated based on how members have interacted with the app and email. Engagement for Groups, Announcements and Events is calculated based on how members interact with them.

Each Section will show the level of engagement based on the following statuses:

  1. Engaged: Posting, commenting and sharing is engaged interaction.
  2. Active: Tapping, searching and liking is active interaction.
  3. Passive: Viewing app content and opening emails is passive interaction.
  4. Disengaged: A lack of any recent interaction results in members becoming disengaged.

You can click on any number in the dashboard for a more detailed view.

Note: For quick tips on the dashboard you can click the "? Help" icon in the upper right.

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